Everyone likes to dance and party.

Two nights at the Camden Crawl, the opening Thursday slot competing with only one other act, an NME interview and name checking Thom Yorke. You can picture the band's PR thinking "Carlsberg don't do marketing for bands..." Such was the amount of column inches and awareness created in a few short days for Cajun Dance Party.

We all know that marketing can make careers so it may be spurious to review the gig but as it was checked out, why the heck not?

The first thought was that CDP are another of the Gang of Four, New-Wave influenced acts, with an emphasis on strutting bass-lines and making people move. Perhaps it was due to the early start-time but the sound appeared to be thin although never fragile. This was most evident in the keyboard riffs which were slight but effective with the meatier guitar stabs occurring intently at intermittent pauses.

As the set continued, the pace seemed to drop, with one song running at waltz speed. The vocals had a whining edge to them but this meshed well with the music and wasn't out of place.

It's hard to judge on one performance but as moving as the music appeared, a more apt name may be Cajun Dinner Party as opposed to the dance moniker they currently hold. They say no publicity is bad publicity and there is an element of truth in that but I'm sure that even CDP would admit that the hard work has to continue on from here. There's going to be interest in this band, let's see what happens next.