If you cant stand the heat.

It wouldn't be the Camden Crawl without some queues or a venue where breathing wasn't the most natural thing in the world and Falkirks very own Malcolm Middleton certainly had a packed venue to play to.

Very much not fitting into the more stylised end of the Camden Crawl acts, Middleton has very quietly built up a solo career that deserves to be viewed apart from his work with the seminal Arab Strap.

Ably assisted by Jenny Reeve (a considerable talent in her own right, with Strike The Colours and The Reindeer Section) on fiddle and backing vocals, the set eased to life, at first striving to compete with the buzz and crack of a crowded venue.

By the time of current single, 'Fuck It I Love You', the set was punching its weight and the crowd was fully immersed in the set. This song shows that Middleton may never get away from the swearing stereotype but when the track is as honest and chirpy as this, no one is likely to complain.

The following song was a rattling affair at quick speed and the tempo and intensity crescendo'ed to the end of the set.

With the addition of strings increasing the tension and Malcolm spitting some venom into proceedings, the drama had the crowd hooked and at the shows end, some fresh air was required, and not just because of the venues heat.