Acceptable in Camden?

You would have been unable to blink recently without seeing or hearing references to Calvin Harris 'Acceptable in the 80s', which has had a stranglehold on the airwaves and video channels of late. The Camden Crawl afforded Harris the opportunity to sell himself beyond this track.

Certainly an expectant crowd was fully behind him and his set started steadily, inciting dancing throughout the venue. This may have been due to the large amounts of alcohol that had been consumed throughout the evening but Harris was doing his best in unleashing a blinding set of electro.

And when the big hit came, the entire show moved to a higher level. No fanfare was needed but with every high-pitched line before sung back ten-fold, the bubbling bass-line came striding through and with the dance floor full, people were to be found on tables, chairs and the bar to elevate themselves and their dancing.

Thankfully, Harris has more in his locker with 'This is the industry' having the ability to wreak havoc on the same level. At times it seems that everyone you meet is involved in the record industry, so that claim is spot on as well.

Calvin Harris may be the darling of Radio 1 and the masses these days but every so often you get an act that can manage to play to both galleries. Whilst maybe lacking in too many stellar moments, there was more than enough on show to indicate that his name will be hanging around for a good while yet.