Genre mashing on a major scale.

The use of exclamation marks in music is going to reach saturation point pretty quickly. Admittedly, !!! should have the whole thing sewn up but the bands keep coming. No doubt influenced by their crazy text speak or MySpace / Bebo / Facebook conversations but there will be some people up in arms about what bands are doing to the English language. Then again, it's not as if Slade never used poor spelling to further themselves.

However, it is in this crazy genre "splicing a bit of everything" world that Hadouken! belong. A bunch of fiery youngsters, right down to the Avril Lavigne 'skater-girl' on keyboards, they make quite a racket which enthralled the kids on Koko's groundfloor but had the upper levels stroking their chins.

They keyboard widdles and bleeps enough for the band to be electro, the drums kick hard enough for metal / emo and one or two melodies that slip in could trouble the airwaves. Hadouken! are definitely a band made for these times.

With the introduction of some rapping yet another element was throw into mix and it was starting to unravel slightly to the uninformed lister. If you could imagine Eminem collaborating with Klaxons (with My Chemical Romance pushing up the drum levels and the camp value)... then it's probably already a bootleg but that's what the band is reminiscent of.

On first listen, there is far too much going on to properly digest it but the committed fans seemed to be delighted with it all. Next single 'Liquid Lies' contains more of the rap/rock hybrid and history has shown that to be a volatile mix at times but time will tell if it works for Hadouken!