Human beat boxing at its best

Killa Kella is somebody you should try to catch live, even if hip-hop isn't your thing as the talent this man has is unquestionable.

The Electric Ballroom was packed out for this set early in the evening on Camden Crawl day 2, and he got one of the best reactions I saw across the festival.

Killa Kella is, for those who don't know, a human beat boxer, creating music that would otherwise come from drums and keyboards with his mouth. He is also a class act when it comes to rapping.

He was joined for this gig by another rapper and a guy with decks, and between them they delivered a high-energy set that was lapped up by the watching fans. Naturally his vocal trickery went down extremely well, as did the section of the gig where both on stage were freestyling about the audience and the event. The problem comes if hip-hop is a real turn off for you, as you'll find this difficult to like, plus variety isn't the strongest point of a show like this. However anyone who can appreciate the talent and skill of a performer regardless of the style of music can't fail to leave a Killa Kella show with a smile on their face.