Sedate but never startling.

Perhaps there were concerns that a full-on Thursday would have Friday's revellers tired out too early, so there was a sedate beginning on offer to the punters. With full night's activities ahead, some may have felt that a leisurely start to their Crawl was the best way to go and Tunng were as good as any to conjure this up.

As the sunshine poured in through the window behind the band, Tunng offered up a welcome and comforting introduction to the second evening of the weekend. There was no great surprises at the acoustic guitars strummed and chimed and the audience nodded and swayed in hushed approval.

Halfway through the gig there were a few gasps of surprise as an electric guitar appeared on stage with even the band joking that it was borrowed from another band. It worked well and with previous quiet-mongers Low eventually rocking out there is the opportunity for Tunng to stretch out. The band seemed as comfortable on this song as any other so perhaps there will be a bit more to come in the future.

Following this, any fans shocked by the electric guitars were sated and delighted by 'Jenny Again', which proved to be the highlight for many in the crowd, although by this point, some seemed more interested in the balmy heat and chatter as opposed to anything that Tunng conjured up. I suppose this is the way of these multi-band events, and the early start time but it was a shame that the bands quiet set was being hampered by some.

The female vocals were fresh throughout and brightened up the set which was always intriguing, if not always invigorating.