Well worth seeking out.

It may be perverse to travel from Glasgow to London to see a Glasgow band for the first time but theres something off-kilter about that which would probably appeal to Bricolage. Having missed previous Glasgow shows for various reasons, The Camden Crawl afforded the chance to see them, even if it was the most outlying venue of the weekend.

Initial impressions brought to mind classic 1980s indie along the lines of Orange Juice or Lloyd Cole and the Commotions as the guitars rang out. There was even a touch of rockabilly about Bricolage as their ability to get the crowd dancing developed throughout the set.

Clearly maintaining their roots, one track was introduced as being called 'Fitsteps.' Translating this reveals the song is called 'Footsteps' but no matter its title, it has a jaggy little guitar line which snakes its way throughout the song, giving the track an easy hook to weave to and the understated vocals play along with it well.

On first listen, this is the pattern that pervades for the band and be it a fast or slow track, with Bricolage seeming comfortable with both, the hook comes from the constant guitar stabbing or swing-type drums. Perhaps the sound of the venue didn't assist the vocals to stand out but what they lacked in headline grabbing, they more than made up for in setting the rhythm and pace of the tracks.

The gig may have been at the far reaches of The Camden Crawl but on this showing Bricolage will be moving in from the edges and outskirts sooner rather than later.