They're a tiger...grrrrrrrrr.

On the night of queues at venues across Camden, Tiger Force's show at the Tup seemed to be lacking in the numbers some other venues were receiving. No doubt the mass appeal of comeback act Travis won more fans, which is a travesty, if nothing else. Then again, it's a sign of how far they have fallen which can only be humorous to all

Back to the act in hand and Tiger Force immediately caught the imagination with a Japanese electro pop intro that segued straight into a hand-clap section. With this crashing into crunching guitars and squealed boy / girl vocals that bopped and weaved, it was a breathless start. To class this introduction as impressive seems a scant description for such an invigorating start and yet, it did pose the question whether it could be maintained.

The male / female vocal interaction of the dup seems at odds with each other; almost as if they are in their own worlds entirely separate of each other.

With many more samples peppering the set, including the dulcet tones of James Brown, these were the backdrop to many repeated phrases and patterns which were volleyed at the listener. Perhaps once or twice there was too much repetition but on the whole, there was enjoyment to be gleaned and the act seemed to be having as much fun as the crowd that had gathered.

'Five Six I Got Sticks' from the bands album went down well, a short track that got in and did its business quickly, its screamed vocals seeming to strike a chord with the crowd.

One way to visualise Tiger Force is to picture The Kills on drugs. Not just drugs but extremely dangerous drugs. Drugs so dangerous that they would probably kill Keith Richards.

Up against Travis? Haha, there was no contest, Tiger Force all the way.