Kinky Payload

There was a time when Satellite Party front man Perry Farrell would have filled this tent but tonight it's barely half full. Clashing with Marilyn Manson probably hasn't helped matters but neither will the mixed reviews the band received for their debut album 'Ultra Payload'.

The sound tonight is very loud but remains crisp and the great reception they receive from the hardcore of the crowd seems to spur the band on as they work the stage well throughout. Rather amusingly the cameraman supplying images for the screens at the side of the stage spends a lot of time focusing on fetching backing singer Etty's pink hotpants! Farrell is ever the showman and coupled with Etty's constant gyrating it makes for an entertaining performance.

The music is tight, groove filled rock and roll, it's not exactly cutting edge but they do bring something a little different to the party with songs like 'Kinky'. Satellite Party are catchy in places, a little generic in others but always entertaining. The female backing vocals work well and add an extra dimension alongside the more standard rock elements such as good lead guitar work from Nuno Bettencourt. The surprise of the set comes with a rendition of the old Jane's Addiction favourite 'Been Caught Stealing', which of course goes down a storm with the swelling crowd. Then it's back to the groove with 'Wish Upon a Dogstar', which is reminiscent of the aforementioned Jane's Addiction with it's infectious beat.

It's been a good set and certainly proves that Satellite Party are far better than some of their press would suggest. Farrell smiles throughout and you can't help but like the guy, it's good to see him back in action and let's hope this project lasts as the world needs front men like him.