New Indie stars for the older Indie generation

Sometimes you see support bands who might as well have not been there such is the apathy from the fans of the headliner. Then there's those occasions you wonder what the thinking was behind putting them in front of a crowd where they're clearly going to go down like a lead balloon. The Twang were neither of these.

The hotly tipped Birmingham band's classic early nineties Indie sound is perfect for a James crowd. The energy of their performance helped fire up an already bouncing Brixton Academy in preparation for the main event.

Tonight's headline act James have anthems coming out of their eye balls but in 'Wide Awake' the Twang have a classic of their own. The band's hugely popular debut single appeared last but one in a set full of Happy Mondays-esk swagger. 'The Neighbour' was another track to stand out, with it's part spoken part rapped vocals over a pounding baseline giving it, and them, a real 'in ya face' attitude.

The band are lined up for the Carling Weekend and 02 Wireless festivals. With a debut album that looks to be full of Indie club classics for 2007, the Twang look set to continue as one of the dominant new bands of the summer and beyond.