Echt Super!

Brett Anderson believes that he is the god of indie rock and self-belief is half way to actually being. On tonight's rapturous performance in Munich I doubt anyone can deny the Britpop singer this title. The haunting waltzing refrain of 'The More We Possess The Less We Own Of Ourselves' washes over the stage as Anderson enters to break out the powerful, 'To The Winter', one of many tracks from his new eponymous album which feature on tonight's set. Prowling the stage like a predator and with the energy and potency of a man half his age, Anderson instantly stirs the crowd to a peak. Next up is the first single from the new album, 'Love Is Dead', a wistful indie pop tune with plenty of bite.

I have to admit a certain sense of nervous anticipation before I attended this gig, after reviewing the new album I was a little concerned that the abundance of epic, yet mournful numbers would make for a sorrowful set that would freeze, rather than lift your heart. I couldn't have been proved more wrong, in a live setting the new tunes explode with energy, perhaps it's to do with the dynamics of a live band, but each and every song seems more driven and passionate, especially the more mellow numbers, 'One Lazy Morning' and 'Intimacy', the latter of which sees Anderson shimmying round his microphone stand to the chorus refrain of, "Intimacy, I want you to be part of me". While on the record this is a slow number that unwinds over a rippling guitar riff, live it's a simply effusive stunner. Another highlight of the album, 'Dust And Rain' comes through splendidly leaving the crowd thrilled at its climax call of, "This is the moment that words can't explain".

Although they receive the same excited reception as the newer tracks, there are a few Suede delights thrown in, 'By The Sea' from the 'Coming Up' album goes down a treat as Anderson postures himself on his back on the small walkway leading out from the stage, which allows him to grasp fans' hands readily. After a short break the suave singer returns alone to the stage for an acoustic section, showcasing the beauty of new track, 'Ebony' before launching into two more retrospective numbers, 'The Living Dead' and the wonderful, 'The Wild Ones', which swells from all the additional crowd vocals. The band then return for a trio of blistering hits, 'Can't Get Enough', which has everyone hollering with delight, 'Trash', in honour of two Brits wearing tshirts that spell out "Me and You" and "We're trash" and the awesome hit, 'Beautiful Ones', which has even Anderson himself pogoing around the stage.

To say that this is one of the most enthusiastic crowds I've ever seen would be an understatement, Anderson smiles coyly for 5 minute stretches as the crowd continue to applaud, even his attempts to quieten them by pursing his fingers to his lips are to no avail and on being informed, "Du bist super!", they're off again! There are few performers who could come across as down to earth and approachable yet also inspire such awe and excitement in fans. The sign of the great gig is when you want to return home to listen to everything the artist's ever produced and link it to this fantastic feeling that the live show gave you. Brett Anderson gave Munich his all and it's clear that all Munich wants is more Brett.