Nothing happened to my rock n roll.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are a band who know adversity and hardship but they always seemed to bounce back and came out swinging for more, which is good for their hardcore fans who have witnessed a few tricky and awkward moments throughout the bands history.

Even after his time out of the band it was hoped that Nick Jago would be able to defeat his enemies but a recent no-show had put the harmony of the band back on an uneasy level but their T in the Park performance suggested that theres no amount of trouble and hassle that can knock this band off their stride. Starting with an energised 'Love Burns', the galloping bass lines

They're one of the few acts who can carry off the look of shades inside and in the early afternoon but BRMC do have a coolness to them that stands them apart from other acts and they are a band who live up to the imagery of rock n roll mythology.

The last time the band played at T in The Park they came off stage to bump into Joe Strummer, who gave the band some encouraging advice and it appeared to have made an impression on the act. For all the studied cool that they have, when a punk legend gives you his seal of approval then it must be a good thing and 'Whatever Happened To My Rock N Roll?' was dedicated to the sadly missed Clash-man. The track itself is the bands most incendiary track in their arsenal, a snarling beast of a song that still remains one of the bands premier songs and stands as an anthem for their fanbase.

They may have only had a short time to impress but with their old songs working with recent guitar anthems like 'Weapon of Choice', theres plenty of live left in the BRMC.