All the girls like Calvin and he likes almost all the girls.

It was still early on in the day but Calvin Harris was to be the first act of the day to feature a mobbed tent and its obvious that the recent commercial chart placings would ensure that a broad mix of people would be watching the show. This was evident from the off with the universal Scottish chant, the unofficial new anthem if you will, the soundtrack to the crazy mixed-up world of John Smeaton and his sheep-like followers, of "Here we, Here we, Here we fucking go" echoing around the tent from the word go.

As an observation, there seemed to be a small band of Stepford Wives who were showing very little interest in the gig but always managed to jump to life at the point of a big chorus or the next wave of "ooh ooh" that was never far away. Fair play to them though, they seemed to be enjoying themself and took great delight in being the blonde girls that Calvin seemed to appreciate on his recent single. We here at RoomThirteen recently pointed out that Harris had an oversight of certain females, notably the red-headed ladies. However, Harris then compounded this error by running through a list of Scottish towns and cities and the girls that came from there. After the early wave of praise for Glaswegian, Edinburgh, Aberdonian and Inverness girls, things started going a bit leftfield with even girls from Airdrie being praised.Perhaps Calvin Harris was being polite or maybe hes never met anyone from Airdrie but if he thinks that red-headed girls are worse than the inhabitants of the capital of the Buckfast triangle then the young man has a lot to learn about women, or perhaps even life itself. Then again, its all a bit of fun isnt it and probably shouldn't be taken too seriously, which is just as well as its a really enjoyable song that gets the crowd roaring its approval.

If the first few tracks of the set failed to ignite, the home straight was pretty succesful encompassing all the highlights of the album. 'Acceptable in the 80s' was the signal for a mass outbreak of uncomfortable shuffling and mainstream dancing and the final track of 'Vegas' excelled with its high vocals and funkier dance basis. He may be the new Mylo and all the good and bad points that come from that but on the whole, it was an enjoyable set from Calvin Harris and probably wont be the last T in The Park that he wows the crowd.