It's a cat eat dog world

It's an early start on Saturday but Cat the Dog still manage to pull in a couple of hundred. There doesn't seem to be much info around on Cat the Dog at the moment so I'm really not sure what to expect. First impressions are favourable, evoking comparison to Cooper Temple Clause and Nine Black Alps, which is no bad thing!

There's not much of a stage show early on but the majority of the tunes are good and catchy and really drive along. They break up the set with a slower number midway through but it's the faster songs that really create an impact. They only get twenty five minutes today but they use it pretty well and save the best till last with forthcoming single 'Romantic', which is full of big riffs and delivered with a passion.

Cat the Dog have done about as much as they could today and should have a good number of new fans checking them out. Keep your eye on these guys they could be one to look out for.