A Blazing Set

Sweating profusely and egging the crowd on, Dogs are the epitome of raucous British rock lads with a self-assured swagger. Tonight sees the recording of the band's live album, something which most bands would approach with trepidation, but to record a live show in another country, far from your hometown fan base is something else altogether and the fact that they go down fantastically is testament to the strength of their music.

From the offset vocals are expelled at 100 miles an hour in a grimy tone that makes the lyrics impossible to make out, but fits the rowdy rock aesthetic perfectly. Dogs have the "straight off the streets" integrity that every band since Arctic Monkeys has been clamouring for, but with them it comes perfectly naturally, as singer Johnny couples a request to turn up the volume with a cheeky appeal to "pour more drink down these people's necks". But it's hardly as if the already hyped crowd need any encouragement.

Tunes from the band's new album, such as the pensive acoustic track, 'Chained To No One', sit comfortably between established anthems like frantic punk scram, 'It's Not Right' and 'Tuned To A Different Station', which sees chugging guitar work setting the perfect pace for partying. 'This Stone Is A Bullet' is a riveting mix of gripping vocal melodies and rousing percussion, with the frenzied chant of, "This stone is a bullet" blasting through the venue; the next single from the new album, 'Dirty Little Shop' is more of a catchy indie affair with sly guitar riffs and wailing solo moments that are bound to get snared in your brain. The band's energy never seems to wane and their sound remains tight throughout the 17 track set.

Drummer Duncan treats us to some pounding fills before the rest of the band file back on for an encore. The eager audience lap up the band's frenetic energy completely with some minor crowd invasions as fans pose for their own video cam recorded versions of the show and the final exhilarating tune, 'London Bridge' even sees a moshpit opening up in the middle of the room.

Watch out for the band's new album, 'Tall Stories from Under The Table' and be sure to catch them live, as they're certain to put on an equally invigorating performance at the Carling Weekend, T In The Park and Oxegen festivals this summer.