Something Old, Something New, Adoration Regardless.

Funeral For a Friend returned to the live scene after a year long absence to a rapturous welcome in Bristol, kicking off their UK tour in style. On the eve of the release of third album "Tales Don't Tell Themselves", the follow-up to 2005's "Hours", FFAF showed just how much in stature they have grown.

Arriving on stage to the violin opening of new single 'Into Oblivion', they proceeded to launch into the verse full tilt, Matt Davies' soaring vocals proclaiming their triumphant return. New material, interspersed with old favourites, was drip-fed gradually to the baying masses, who duly lapped it up, providing a well balanced mix of old and new. Davies struts around the stage, whipping up the crowd of swarming bodies as the band tear into 'Juneau', 'She Drove Me to Daytime Television' and 'Roses For The Dead', delighting the capacity crowd. New tracks 'Raise The Sail', 'Out of Reach' and emotional offering 'Walk Away' are greeted by huge acclaim, and clearly have classic potential. This was a band that was clearly loving every minute of being back amongst their fans, with crowd interaction aplenty throughout the show.

This was a performance by a band that has matured and evolved impressively, yet still possesses the core essence that is Funeral For a Friend. Yes, the new material may not suit some hardcore fans, but listen with an open mind and you will be most impressed. A superb return that will thrust FFAF into the limelight they truly deserve.