For those about to rock!

With Isle of Wight having one major stage, the movement of people around the site was far less than for any other festival. This meant that those wanting to be down the front for Muse on the Saturday night, and there were a lot of people determined to be there, would have to bag their spot early. For this reason the crowd for Wolfmother was huge, but the majority were loving the Aussies and they saw the most highly charged reaction for any of the non headline acts this weekend.

Singles 'Joker & The Thief' and 'Love Train' stood out, with the appearance of 'Woman' halfway through the set turning an already bouncing field into a heaving mass of jumping bodies, with the fans rising to the challenge thrown down by the band's energetic performance in all it's classic rock glory.

Although the likes of Donovan and Amy Winehouse seemed to satisfy, for those wanting to rock this was when day two really took off. Ash and Kasabian would continue the party to ensure Muse had their audience well and truly ready for action.