Young, fresh and new

This may be their first headline tour of the nation but its been nigh on impossible to overlook New Young Pony Club this year. From their opening slot on the NME IndieRave tour to a summer that sees them playing at countless festivals, this appears to be the year of NYPC. A lot of this is largely helped by having an enigmatic frontwoman who has hoovered up column inches and attention like Lyndsey Lohan hoovers up charlie and rehab-clinic showercaps.

So there may be some of you out there who are writing this band off because of the company they are being linked with and for all that they are a vibrant young act with a dance edge, their background is strongly based around songs and melodies as opposed to any fad or just hitting random keys on a Roland keyboard.

'Hiding On The Staircase' was pretty popular, its hook of "it's the sound" and the chirpy backing vocals having a strong cultish quality to them that will no doubt be appreciated by many of the fans. The track may be more subtle than some of the more familiar tracks but it went down a storm and that's unlikely to change when the album is released.

Teasing and toying with the crowd before launching into 'Ice Cream', Bulther is a front-woman who knows how to play an audience and even though the band have a lot going on, all eyes were mainly fixed on her throughout the evening. Which isn't because everyone else slinks into the background, Andy on guitar makes all the right moves holds centre stage well while Lou on the keyboard doesn't appear to make any movement at all but makes all the right noises.

With a pretty relentless summer schedule ahead there are going to be countless opportunities to catch New Young Pony Club over the summer and we can only recommend you do. They may be young and new but they are anything but pony.