Still doing her thing

Mel C put in an energetic performance on Sunday afternoon. So energetic in fact that she was out of breath almost every time she spoke to the crowd in between songs.

Unusually for a former Spice Girl, Mel C actually has quite a substantial back catalogue of hit singles. Even more unlikely is that some of them aren't terrible. This set though was almost entirely about the new material from recent album 'This Time'.

"Most of these songs will be new to you," she told the Isle of Wight fans, "but have a listen, see what you think." And what I think is? ... Her brand of commercially accessible pop rock is unremarkable but far from offensive. It certainly does the trick early on the third day of a festival.

New single 'Carolyna' was well received, however for me her vocals suit slower or less rocky tracks better when she performs live. We did get a couple of her older songs. 'When You're Gone' the one she did with Bryan Adams was a popular addition to the set, although it was odd to hear given that on the original version you hardly notice her!

She rounded off with a version of the dance based hit 'I Turn To You, which brought the set to a strong climax. Although it was at times fun while it lasted, Mel C's music doesn't live long in the memory.