A Weak Wembley Welcome

The Streets weren't the most popular choice for main support on the first night of the Muse Wembley dates, some fans were even trying to swap Saturday tickets for Sunday in order to get My Chemical Romance and Biffy Clyro instead. Therefore Mike Skinner and co were always set for something of a passive welcome, however there were certainly enough in the stadium who seemed to be having a good time.

Aside from the fact a good number weren't impressed to see them in the first place, The Streets also had to battle with less than favourable sound quality for certain parts of the stadium. Down at pitch level and in the lower parts of the stands this wasn't a problem, but for those up in the gods it was impossible to catch a word of what he said in between songs, and if you weren't familiar with the music you'd be hard pushed to get a good feel for what Mike Skinner does. It's worth making the point that the sound for Muse was significantly better.

Clearly Skinner has been inspired by the Queen performance at Live Aid, for he kept giving bursts of 'Radio Gaga' between his own songs. For those in the massive new venue who were fans of The Streets, this was a set that gave all the classics, with those not interested passing the time by joining in with the Mexican waves Skinner encouraged.

Playing for over an hour in what was the first major Streets gig of 2007, the Wembley fans got 'Push Things Forward', complete with a bit of Lily Allen song 'Smile' thrown in for good measure, 'It's Too Late', 'When You Wasn't Famous', 'Never Went To Church', 'Has It Come To This', 'Blinded By The Lights', 'Weak Become Heroes' and 'Dry Your Eyes'.

The performance was rounded off by 'Fit But You Know It', with Mike Skinner leaving the stage to an OK reception, but for many this was a gig that won't live long in the memory, other than for the fact that the following day had support acts who a good number of Muse fans believe suited the occasion and ticket price much better.