Bats take flight dark Bristol cavern...

Hardcore metallers Cancer Bats receive a good reception upon gracing the stage in Bristol, providing the chief support for the much anticipated Gallows. Although listed as the main support act, it's clear that many of the crowd are here especially to see them, providing an eclectic mix of punks and metalheads in the claustrophobic, cavern-like venue.

Storming through material from their debut full-length offering "Birthing The Giant", the Bats provide heavy chugging riffs aplenty, calling on all "the metal heads here at a punk show" to rock out, to which they duly oblige. Tracks "French Immersion" and "100 Grand Canyon" sound dynamically huge and have already become firm fan favourites. Liam Cormier is a commanding and energetic front man, captivating the crowd with his showmanship; stage diving, stirring up violent moshpits and screaming lyrics in the faces of the crowd, whose eyes are fixed solely on him. The crowd lap it up, cheering delightedly as Liam praises Gallows (who they are supporting) proclaiming "the reason for the hype is they're the best f***ing hardcore band around".

Time will tell as to whether the above statement is true or not, but what is immediately apparent is that Cancer Bats have gone down a storm tonight. A solid performance that even the full-on punk rockers enjoyed.