Time for an early T-Break

Having the opportunity to be the first band that many people see at a festival is an opportunity to be seized by any up and coming band with high aspirations and Popup were afforded the opportunity to kickoff the T-Break tent. For the first few moments though it seemed as though the young Glaswegian act were willing to throw this all away.

Opening with a dirge-like track really did Popup no favours as they failed to grasp the momentum from the off, which was a shame as the rest of set hinted at the reason for the hype that the band has received. As the bands stated being the opening act on the smallest stage would indicate that the band are on a small-level but Popup have been steadily climbing in the past year. The band were present at this years SXSW and their singles have received some positive feedback and praise. Truth be told the band have a few choruses up their sleeve and arent worse than The View. Obviously The View caught the luck of the Pete Doherty bandwagon but musically there is no reason why they should sell in such large numbers whilst Popup dont.

Theres a jangly quick natured manner to Popups better numbers with the drum and bass providing a sturdy backdrop to the cascading backing vocals. If Popup have a fault (excluding their choice of opening number), the main vocals sound more sarcastic and dry as opposed to brimming with energy but thats probably a matter if taste.

Debut single 'Lucy, What You Trying To Say?' plays the storytelling verse and rollocking chorus very well although its hard to shake the feeling of 'Hey Baby' such is the slight similarity of the chorus.

Popup are a far better band than being first on the smallest stage would indicate but there is still a long way to go before Popup start to live up to the hype that has surrounded them.