Miss Kittin is the Top Cat.

After the confusion and debacle that the was the car-crash entertainment that was DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist, whoever followed he duo onto the Slam Tent was likely to be afforded a heros welcome but Miss Kittin, as a returning Slam Tent veteran, there was a sense of comfort about her arrival.

Opinions are greatly divided on Miss Kittin, with regards to her music and technical ability as much as her looks but it has to be said that on both scores, Miss Kittin was doing not bad. Most famous for her work with Felix Da Housecat, she was one of the pioneers of the electronic wave of music but her DJ set featured a harder House element to it. The atmosphere was building nicely and the dynamics of the set were made for the increasing tempo and fervour, and as the DJ grabbed the mic and MC'ed over the top of her music, things were kicking off in the Slam Tent. Theres always one way to tell if a mainstream Scottish dance crowd is enjoying themselves, and yes, the repeating "ooh ooh's" and the repeating chants of "here we fucking go", it was evident that the dancing shoes had replaced the wellingtons of the crowd.

With snippets of the latest Chemical Brothers single 'Do It Again' slipping in there was even something for the more casual dance fan and with the visual backdrop behind Miss Kittin giving the crowd a focus when they looked up from their dancing intensity, it was a set that got the Slam Tent back on track for the baying punters.