A band to believe in.

At festivals the opportunity to check out some new bands should always be taken and the stories that had been reverberating about Reverend and The Makers made them a must see act of the weekend and so it seemed for most people as the Futures tent was brimming with energy and excitement.

It was good to hear a band being honest in their opinion about other acts and the fact that there seemed to be a lack of integrity or anything of interest from the main bands, in particular, Razorlight was a source of discomfort for many festival go-ers. Johnny Borrell and his sometimes mates can be an easy target but its good to see a band sticking up for themselves and their beliefs, so if its going to start a small grudge, increase awareness of the band and encourage a few more folk to liking them then who can blame R&TM for making such a statement.

There was a baggy swagger eminating from the band and an inital appraisal would suggest the band mine the middle ground between the Happy Mondays and the Arctic Monkeys, which is clearly a sound which should attract a following. Frontman John McCure aka The Reverend had the tent in the palm of his hand and if he ordered the crowd to follow him to torch Razorlights backstage trailer, then you could only imagine the scene of carnage that would have unfolded. For those of you fearing that there may be a testosterone over load, dont panic as the band has a female keyboard player and the second-last track of the night allowed her a chance to step to the fore and take the lead.

Looking back on the full weekend, and a lot of it can be attributed to the unknown element (to this writer) of the band but it has to be said, Reverend and The Makers were the band to make you shout "fuck yeah" at T in The Park.