Tabloid Fodder Comes To Guilfest

A year ago Ordinary Boys were riding the crest of the Big Brother wave, with an eagerly awaited V Festival appearance on the horizon. I love Guilfest, but with the greatest respect to it, and events such as Redbourne Festival and Redhill Music Live, they're not in the same league as V, T or the Isle of Wight, so I can't help but wonder what's happened to the Ordinary Boys desirability, surely they should be playing similarly large events now that their new album is out? Not that the crowd in Guildford cared, and nor should they. Apart from a few bottles that headed in Preston and co's direction as they took to the stage, this was a well received set.

'Lonely At The Top' got the fans dancing early on, with longer-standing followers satisfied next by 'Seaside'.

Recent album singles '9 to 5' and 'I Love You' appeared in the middle of the set. A group of schoolgirls to my left clearly have the latter, a ballad of tedious proportions, as one of their favourites, is it too obvious an observation to suggest they were singing directly to Preston? The man is back on the market so the tabloids have been telling us...although this group were a bit on the young side.

'Week In Week Out' and 'Boys Will Be Boys', which could easily have been used as a song to warm up the madness fans on Sunday night, rounded off this set, leaving the groupies ecstatic and the rest of us satisfied that the evening was now in full swing, with the excellent Supergrass to follow at the top of the bill.