Anything but Social Suicide

After their excellent showing on the main stage at Download back in June I'm expecting a big performance from Zico Chain and they don't disappoint. The only thing wrong today is that the sound isn't loud enough and that makes for a rather subdued atmosphere out in the crowd despite the speedy, melodic punk being thrown at them.

No such problems up on stage though as they rip through 'Rohypnol' and recent single 'Where Would You Rather Be' with both vocalist/bassist Chris & guitarist Paul really getting into it from the off. The advantage of the low volume is that everything comes over well and it's clear that Zico Chain are a well honed unit as they deliver a really tight set.

Forthcoming single 'Anaemia' impresses and is back up to speed after the slower and choppier 'Where Would You Rather Be?' and centres around some powerful drumming from Ollie. New song 'About A Boy' also makes an impact with its big sing along chorus and some cutting riffs. There's a good crowd in and despite the lack of atmosphere they get a fair few heads bobbing. Highlight of the set today is 'Rollover', which is delivered with real passion and sounds great, even out doing set closer 'The Lonely Ones'.

It's been another solid showing from Zico Chain, who just seem to get better every time I see them and with more new friends won today it's all looking good for their forthcoming full length debut.