We're Impressed

Clashing with Madness makes for a pretty small crowd for Sunday night Rocksound headliners Yourcodenameis:milo and they certainly deserved better (they do get more than 2005 headliners The Glitterati, who managed about 20!).

Those that stayed away tonight however missed out as the band sound great! The sound is big and tracks like 'Understand' come over very well. As an experimental rock band it's not surprising that there are moments when they draw comparison to Muse but on the whole it's big sounding indie rock delivered with a passion.

New single 'I'm Impressed' er... impresses before there is a rare outing for 'TV is Better than Real Life', which appeared as a bonus track on the vinyl only release of Schteeve. Their trademark choppy rhythms shine through tracks like 'The General' and whilst the crowd may be small they really get into it and the band visibly seem to warm to the reaction. It's a driven and at times intense performance that proves them to be a fine band although for several casual observers the set seems slightly too long, or perhaps it's that they want to catch the end of Madness?

It's a good set from a band that continue to push themselves to new heights and on another night they would have probably filled the tent. As it is they do all they can and ensure that the faithful at the front leave thoroughly satisfied once again.