A Sensational Show In A Perfect Setting

Patrick Wolf is quite a stunning headliner to bag with his feral leanings and poetic performances suiting the offkilter style of Latitude and verdant green settings down to the ground, although a show amongst the trees on the 'In The Woods Stage' would have perhaps lifted things to a new level. Unfortunately the burgeoning crowd certainly wouldn't have fitted down there so we make do with the darkened surrounding of the Uncut Arena.

Wolf begins by getting us into the right frame of mind with the inspiring, 'Wolf Song', entering the arena to the sound of twittering bird song and ardent applause, the pirouetting piano is a delight on the ears.

Patrick picks up the violin for, 'Overture', raking at it with aggression and captivating the crowd's imagination with his powerful character and perfect poise. Patrick Wolf is the pied piper of the young and free at heart and soon beckoning the crowd to, "Come away with me", with waves of hands clapping instantly obliging. Even the instrumentalists dance away with theatrical precision to the maverick singer.

Wolf is somewhat of an oddity, "I don't really have much to say, I'm just going to sing some songs for you", he says bashfully before launching into the most forceful and least self-conscious songs of the evening, the fabulous, 'Tristan' from his 2005 album, 'Wind In The Wires'. It's a crashing wave of 80's electro with shuffering menace that sees Wolf take on a fearsome persona, strutting among the crowd and very different to the unassuming boy talking to us minutes ago. Another memorable crescendo has to be 'Bluebells', which becomes literally explosive with firework sound effects and is enough to blow the crowd away.

The fizzing pop of 'Accident and Emergency' is a contrast but still gets the crowd moving, while the powerful, 'Bloodbeat' is mixed with impromptu lines from current chart hit 'Umbrella', showing that for all his drama, Wolf is not another a sly joke.

Just when you think it couldn't get any better, Wolf literally commands the stars, as the mirrorball begins to reflect sparkling glints of light on the tent ceiling for 'The Stars', an enthralling melody full of icey bliss. The only thing left to add is a triumphant rendition of the rainbow pop tune, 'The Magic Position' and it really couldn't get much better for Patrick Wolf.