Great Fun

Although they're the penultimate act on the Obelisk Main Stage at Latitude tonight, CSS are most certainly not playing second fiddle to anyone, infact Damon Albarn and co. could have done with taking a leaf out of crazy Lovefoxx's book. The stage is adorned in brightly coloured balloons for the Brazilians' set and Lovefoxx pounces out in a glittery catsuit bouncing around the stage like she's filled with helium herself. Within minutes she's trying to rev the crowd up pumping the crowd for more during the catchy, 'Alala' with its fat electro beats.

She might be utterly nuts, "I feel like a bomber robot with lots of people shooting me" she shares with us at one point, but this young lady knows how to put on a show. The spunky, 'Meeting Paris Hilton' with its cries of, "The bitch said yeah" might be a little risque considering the amount of children in the audience at this family friendly festival, but the tots are boogying away to the aerobic dance routines with Lovefoxx involves the crowd in with waves of hands in the air as the tireless frontwoman's commands are met by equal energy from the audience.

During, 'Alcohol', which of course is met with applause, Lovefoxx leaps down into the crowd chatting to random fans during the twee electro sections of this mellow pop tune before doing a backward roll onto the stage - simply blinding! A new tune, 'The Beautiful Song' sees strobe lighting illuminate the strange and surroundings; it's a blend of chirpy keyboards and poppy rhythms. 'Pretend That We're Dead' sees a quick costume change as Lovefoxx sheds her rainbow suit into a similar pink outfit. This sharp synth tune has plenty of bite and sees wild hand claps from the front to the back of the crowd and even in the seating at the very rear. Of course, 'I'm Off The Hook' meets the biggest cheers as anyone with a radio will have heard it in the past months, Lovefoxx seems genuinely delighted by the audience response, christening it, "magical" before swallowing helium to squeak out 'I Wanna Be Your J Lo'. No, this girl doesn't ever stop!

'Music Is My Hot Sex' and, 'Let's Make Love and Listen Death From Above' close the set and Lovefoxx launches herself into the crowd to become submerged by fans, it's the classic end to a fantastic set that's simply great fun.