I'm still not sure where Billy was though

There comes a point at every festival where I pick a band to go and see in the same way I'd attempt to back a winner at the dogs: the name's cool so it's worth a shot.

Where's Billy were playing the Surrey Advertiser Stage on Saturday afternoon, and on checking the blurb in the programme, the promise of pyrotechnics made the prospect of checking them out even more appealing.

Sadly there was no attempt to burn us all alive, the latest entry on the MySpace blog tells of how the tent was too low for this stunt to be carried out, but Where's Billy are not just a one dimensional fireworks display as the music was more than enough to impress.

They list influences as Feeder, Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters amongst others, so clearly they've a decent CD collection. Although there were elements of those artists in the Where's Billy sound, this wasn't a band trying to be like the ones they love. OK so their accessible rock isn't exactly breaking new ground, but it still sounded bloody good! The highlight of the set was a rock/rap cross over track, with plenty of balls and energy oozing from this one.

The band worked their reasonably sized crowd well; it's always great when thought has gone into the show as well as the music. Where's Billy came prepared, with a load of numbered fliers with which a raffle style draw was made. This also meant an extra chance to plug the MySpace site for the winner was to be announced via this a couple of days later...cunning indeed.

Where's Billy are based in Seven Oaks in Kent, and so you're most likely to find them playing in the surrounding areas, with the occasional visit into London.

Like whoever's flier was chosen, I considered myself to have been a winner with my greyhound style selection process. However if this is my good fortune used up and I don't get lucky next time I'm at Wimbledon Dogs, I will be seeking a refund on all bets placed.