Definitely Not One Hit Wonders

Of course it's after hearing the fuss that The Hoosiers single, 'Worried About Ray' is causing that I decide to indulge my curiosity and see if the band are one hit wonders or a solid new indie group by catching their performance opening the Obelisk main stage on the last day of Latitude. It's the band's first festival show and they're, "thrilled to bits and pieces" which really shows as they appear confident and excited.

The band's debut album will be out on 10th September and this show indicates that there are plenty of reasons to buy it; although, 'Worried About Ray', which rounds off the show as the penultimate number has a rather classic jerky indie sound, the band's other material sounds far more individual and leftfield, which is a pleasant surprise.

'Run Rabbit Run' is a standout track with ethereal vocals melting over a thudding rhythm section, it may not have the most unique chorus with lyrics, "Run rabbit run as fast as you can", but the careening melody with shimmering synths make up for this in originality. There are plenty more indie melodies with jaunty tunes and falsettos vocals, cymbals that tap out the rhythm like a heartbeat and heartfelt icey vocals, giving everyone who's taken the chance of checking out this new band a great treat. Although it's started to rain by the time new single, 'Mr A' closes the set, this offkilter tune with a sweeping feel is likely to be as big a hit as "Ray" and has plenty of dancing starting at the front of the stage.