Definitely not 'No Fun.'

The fact that the act are billed as Iggy and The Stooges, as opposed to The Stooges indicates where the focus of the show is going to fall. Sure it's a reunion of the classic members but as the musicians trickle onto stage, polite applause rolls around the crowd. A few seconds later the Main Stage audience goes wild as the real wild child bounds on stage.

Iggy Pop. The man is hyper, hes possibly a maniac, hes definitely topless from the very start and most of all, he is a showman. Before the first song of the set is over, Iggy has covered every inch of the stage and got the entire crowd on his side. The remainder of the band may not have aged as well as Iggy, perhaps which was the trade off as the frontman could well be dead by now. They remain as sonically nasty as they did in their recording prime, perhaps benefiting from great sound now or the fact that they suffered from poor sound in their prime. Whatever the reason, the boys were as filthy as they always wanted to be. By the second track, Iggy proved this by scaling one of the amps, briefly dry humping it and then swinging around on it. There was also a fair bit of innuendo loaded in the introduction to '1969', which suggested that real rockers never grow up. Its also funny to see Iggy, in whatever age he is now, to be singing about turning 22 and thinking "boo-hoo." On a roll, the intro to 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' was welcomed like a prodigal son and as the crowd took over the lead vocals on its weighty chorus, Iggy briefly relinquished the spotlight only to steal it back with a few trademark screams. No one yelps "Cmon" like Iggy Pop!

'TV Eye' kept the atmosphere going with the following song featuring a chorus of "my idea of fun is killing everyone", which after his racist remarks at Glastonbury, was a relief to see he wasn't singling out any particular race. In all seriousness, his status as a performer is unquestionable but it can only be hoped his TV comment was misguided or ill-advises.

As always, Iggy got a section of the crowd up to dance on the stage and although the security was reluctant to comply, eventually the stage was awash with revellers. Burrowing into 'No Fun', everyone was having immense fun, except Iggys minder who has having a hard time. If the show was in the U.S, he'd likely be facing a few lawsuits given his man handling of people wanting to get close to Iggy. With the other members tucked away safely at the back, it was all about the frontman. The rest of the set ground downwards although 'Funhouse' was enlivened by a sax which further emphasises its dirtiness. At the tracks end, Iggy looked shattered and walked to the side of the stage like a zombie and poured 3 bottles of water over himself. Needless to say, it was part of the show as he bounced back and the band finished with a replay of 'I Wanna Be Your Dog', which was a disappointment as it had been played less than half an hour ago but the majority of the crowd never seemed to mind.

As they all walked off stage, Iggy ran back alone for one final bow, which kind of summed the whole show up.