Satisfaction achieved.

The news that the Klaxons' arrival on site has been delayed and their Main Stage slot would be filled by Who Made Who was met with initial discomfort by some of the crowd. With Nu-Ravers wanting to get their Friday dancing kicked off, the Danish band were set a challenge; appease the Klaxons fans and attempt to win over a new crowd.

The three piece arrived on stage attired in skeleton suits and apologised for the state of affairs. The bright side for the band was that they would be able to get drunk earlier than planned. Launching into a set which was reminiscent of Gossip, with scratchy guitars and a pulsating bass, any fan of band based dance music couldn't fail to be impressed. With the drummer throwing in some robot dance moves, things were going well. So well that the band cracked open a bottle of champagne mid-set, it wasn't just to drink though, the neck was used to create a slide guitar effect later on in the set.

The band achieved some press in the UK when Franz Ferdinand praised them and you can see some commonality between the acts. There was a lot of stop start rhythms and the over-riding theme was of electro-blues.

Not that anyone could be blue with a song about a monkey. Perhaps it's their closeness to humans or they way their removal firm always made a mess of things before having a nice cup of tea but simians are fun. The monkey song was shaping up to be the track of the set until a cover of Benny Benassis 'Satisfaction' was unveiled. The crowd went absolutely mental to this version and it's a strong contender for best track of the weekend.

They may have been last minute stand ins but Who Made Who proved to be in no way inferior. Offering an outstanding performance which left many revellers forgetting there was meant to be a different act playing.