True men of the people.

Well, what a difference a fortnight makes ladies and gentlemen. From the mud, the rain and the general grimness of T in the Park Friday, it wasn't arctic for the monkeys at Benicassim. If that wasn't proof enough of how time can move quickly, the career progression of the band can be dictionary definition of the term. Since R13 first saw them live in July 05, theres been more than enough written about the band so how do we face this, theres only so much to be said about a setlist that is culled from their short catalogue.

On the latest showing, the wit is developing and the spontaneous quips are growing. Old favourites are evolving with 'I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor' featuring a riff that is meatier than its original incarnation.

Was there any differences arising from playing to a foreign crowd? The front rows seemed full of Brits but it was noticeable that 'Leave Before The Lights Come On' wasn't as strongly received as some other tracks, even though it was a key set highlight. Perhaps its omission from an album has lessened its impact of foreign shores. That said, its clear the Monkeys are loved in Spain so perhaps Dorothy wasn't right!

Then again, whats not to love? The fact that they're massive means it can be easy to overlook the quality of their songs. 'Brianstorm' is an infectious wave, 'Fake Tales of San Francisco' still barks with the same sense of anger and indignation at the fakers and 'A Certain Romance' remains a classic take on modern Britain that deserves to be preserved for the ages. When you add the wise beyond their years reality of 'Fluorescent Adolescent' and the biting finale of 'Teddy Picker', the new material is as strong as the first album.

Yes, the second album tracks are seeping in a fairer balance is being struck with regards to tempo and pacing. As long as the boys remember they are still young and don't ditch the fast ones too soon, there is plenty of time grow up and grow old later.

I remember when I was a lad, I wanted to be a spaceman and live in the sky. Oh wait, that was Noel Gallagher but that's as good a link as any to wonder where the Arctic Monkeys will go next?

They've headlined Glasto, T, Benicassim and have their own massive headline summers shows, they've broken records and earned more claps than an Amsterdam whorehouse on payday. Quite frankly, they rock but so did Noel before he told us all to 'Be Here Now', which ended up being in second hand record shops by the following year, so we'll need to see where Alex and his lyrics take us next? Will Helders get around to sorting out Sarah Harding? These questions will be answered soon enough.

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Fucking excellent, as per usual. Cheers boys!