Shelter from the sun.

Everyone knows the deal with Nouvelle Vague. Their brand of quirky European pop has been beguiling the hip kids for a few years, twisting the punk and New Wave classics with a nonchalant gallant shrug. Its obvious they are a perfect band for a festival line-up and so it transpired with a heaving tent to see their 17:30 show.

You either get the band or you don't, it's a very simple divide and those in the crowd were delighted. The lead vocals are probably the main focus for the listeners and rightly so. The calming delivery is almost the dictionary definition of chic and gets the crowd swaying along effortlessly.

The music on show isn't too shabby either, a light but fulfilling accompaniment where even the tambourine came through loud and clear. At a time when the temperature was high, taking shelter in the shade was enticing and when the soundtrack so easy on the ear, there was no rush to exit the tent. Even those completely unfamiliar with the original material don't feel as though they are missing out on anything, as the re-creations more than stand up for themselves. There may be one or two militant punks who will stand and up and rally against these versions but most of the old guard will be able to listen to these versions and give a wry smile.

Set closer 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' left everyone on a high and got Friday off to a spirited start.