Show stopping fun.

There are some jobs in the world where you wonder how unskilled you must be to get the post. When Rufus Wainwright first walked on stage, consideration had to be given towards his tailor and question how he remains in employment?

Wainwright wore a suit of many colours, patterns and off-cuts and no one could make it look good and on first impression threatened to overshadow the show. Thankfully Rufus is a bit of a singer.

The opening song was a complete show-tune affair, which set the scene nicely for the hour ahead. The crooner was backed by drums, cello, guitar and trumpet creating a large backing for Wainwright to sing over, which he did in a grandiose manner. Theres not many people who would make the phrase "rules and regulations" (well, Neil Hannon accepted), the centre piece of a song but it was managed with aplomb here.

Rufus was moved to say that upon looking down on the crowd, it resembled an orgy. In all honesty, it didn't look like that at all. At times, the campsite and beach resembled an orgy but the festival site itself.

Perhaps to calm himself down, a swift switch to behind the piano ensued but the campness remained unabated. Unveiling a new backdrop, the singer declared it was his take on the American flag with black and white stripes for the bad things but brooches instead of stars to indicate the good. Yes, Rufus Wainwright was camper than all the camp sites of Benicassim combined.

It was only when Wainwright moved back to the guitar and unleashed some rock n roll boogie that the show gained some speed but soon enough there was another torchsong to douse the energy.

With a big finale and a flamenco clap that was better than Madrids, Rufus rushed off stage to allow the band to jam to a conclusion. Of course, he returned in a dressing robe and delivered an excellent version of 'Hallejuah.' This was not to be the end though as the singer moved to the front of the stage, applied some lipstick, earrings and high heels before discarding the robe to unveil a suit jacket and tights and launched into a version of 'Cmon Get Happy.'