Saxy Boys.

As the night wore on there was always going to be a move towards dance music and who better to provide a bridge between rock and dance than New Yorks finest, The Rapture. Long regarded as one of the major cross-over artists in the genre, heck, the band near enough re-invented the genre and brought back the cowbell, so who better indeed?

Wasting no time with 'Down For So Long' and 'Get Myself Into It' as an opening double, the latter's saxophone accompaniment was brilliant and set the tone for the entire show. In the wrong hands, the brass instrument can quickly descend into pathetic squalor but proper use can successfully bring the funk!

One important aspect inside the tent was the amount of dry-mist being pumped in to keep the revellers relatively cool. You can imagine it was getting rather warm at times so this feature was a fantastic bonus.

Another additional touch was the video screens at either side of the stage which looked as though the band had been filmed in the 1970s. Perhaps it's just the type of film they use in Spain but it added an old school flavour to the set.

Not that The Rapture lack in old school charm with UK single 'WAYUH' proving that people do still dance when given the proper backing.

'House of Jealous Lovers' was predictably roared into life and then successfully trashed around by a band who must be aware of the track's legendary status. History will record that this track was one of the key moments in dance music of this generation, of course, it's near impossible to tell that you are making history when you're living through it. The Rapture may be appalled by such a suggestion but The Rapture have a legacy that will last much longer than their own lifespan.

The area to the right of the tent had a few banks of seats and to paraphrase an old football comment, "They were dancing on the seats of Benicassim" as every vantage point and floor space was filled.