Hit me with your lazer beams.

It was to become common place in the tents over the next few days but The Presets show was the first to showcase the lazer show that was backing the dance acts. This was all rather fitting given that 'Beams' is a release by the duo on the International Deejay Gigolo label, an indication of the nature of electro The Presets deal in.

It was around that time of night that the crowd started to fragment sharply. Some were finishing their night, some were getting revved up for the long haul and some were thinking they were still on it but were too out of the game to have any proper say in the matter.

The fact that The Presets managed to unite those separate factions was impressive and relied upon their massive drum sound and programmed beats.

The Australian duo have an album out but the crowd were responding to the siren sounds and the bitty piano fills. When some Daft Punk was dropped into the mix, the crowd sang the riff back at The Presets and the admiration in the tent was definitely a two way thing.

At times the set was a bit slow but when it kicked off, it was astounding. The last track nearly took the roof off the place and The Presets were a joy to dance to.