Digitalism love.

The world has grown to love and adore French electro and house and one of the latest names to be worthy of namedropping are Digitalism.

As famed for their remix work as much as their own material, a check of the crowd showed there was a marked change from The Presets show. Perhaps the late hour was clearing out some lightweights but there were far more males in the crowd as Digitalism turned in a far heavier set where the BPM never seemed to drop at all.

The set was constantly interspersed with classic dance tunes and 'Blue Monday' and 'Da Funk' were key components of the set. Yes, Daft Punk popped up in two sets in a row, no doubt further proof of the lasting influence of the robots.

The sample that went down best was Alter Ego's 'Rocker', with its refrain being hollered by the crowd. It certainly beats dance shows in Scotland where the crowd only chants profanities. Swearing is big and clever but there has to be a time and place for it, which should be far away from the nations dance floors.

Not that there was much to swear about during Digitialisms set, there wasn't much to do but dance and chant at the right moments. It may be simple electro but it was hard-hitting stuff and it can only be hoped there will be a few shows in the UK very soon