Technical difficulties.

Walking into the tent to watch CSS, it was pretty evident that the stage was full of balloons. In Glasgow, this would be an insult, insinuating there was something not right about the band but in Benicassim, it was fairly descriptive as the stage was filled with helium balloons in all arrays of colours.

When the band arrived, things seemed a bit quiet and muted and it didn't take long to find the reason why. Three songs in the band were taken off stage and it was announced there was a problem with the power at the festival. Plunging the tent into darkness was always going to cause chaos but that's technology for you.

After a break the band came back and although they really tried to put on a show, the gig was lacking and something and perhaps the power out was preventing the band from realising their full potential.

Lovesexxy remarked it was the nicest crowd they had encountered but this was likely the band being nice after the technical difficulties. Thereafter dedicating a love song to 'Alcohol' was a better way of getting the crowd to cheer and its calypso feel did suit the moment well.

A cover of 'Pretend We're Dead' was as surprising as it was exciting and the inevitable 'Lets Make Love' as the set closer got the crowd going although the Queen style finale with excessive drum rolls and stage lights was a bit too much.

As said, the sound problems hindered the band but CSS have played a lot of gigs this past year and its probably time they took a break and came with a fresh energy and new material.