Try something different.

From siesta time with The Clientele to fiesta time with Dorian, Catalonia's very own electro act. In the UK, the name may conjure up comparisons with Marion or Pearly but thankfully they are a million miles from that and would have a kin-ship with Ladytron.

A noticeable aspect was the programmed beats and keyboard fills of Belly (we'll just accept the names) who spent the gig behind a bank of electronic gadgets. She was also sporting the biggest smile of the weekend and it was good to see an act enjoy themselves as much as Dorian seemed to. The basslines were strong, at times being the lead instrument and the vocals were powerful, albeit in the bands own language, so who knows what the lyrical content was!

The early part of the gig featured more photographers and camera operators on stage than band members, which was exacerbated when lead man Marc took a walk through the crowd.

The locals were singing away throughout so they have a following but there was a marked difference between the traditional songs and the darker and heavier numbers in the acts output.

They're unlikely to ever make a breakthrough in the UK market but its not a remark on the quality of their music, merely that foreign language acts rarely make a huge impact over here. Dorian are certainly good at what they do, making uncomplicated electro pop and making sure people enjoy themselves at a show. If you happen to stumble across the band, they are worth checking out.