Some people go crazy in the heat of Benicassim, The Pipettes were going polka-dotty. Claiming to be suffering from the same sleep deprivation and partying climate the crowd was suffering from, the bands access to showers and back-stage amenities probably aided them in maintaining their pristine looks when all around were losing theirs.

This was good as The Pipettes are about the full package, not just the music. The smiling, the dancing, the fashion and the cheeky quips are all intertwined with the music and without all the elements; it would translate as a bad pastiche. This also means if the odd song isn't up to scratch, there'll be something else going on to balance this out. Its also clear that the three girls add something different, not in a Spice Girls manner with only having one specific personality trait to bludgeon onto people but in being reacting to the crowd differently or indulging in different style of stage conversation. The crowd reaction made it clear that everyone had their own favourite Pipette and with three chirpy girls to choose from, why not? (Gwenno for this reviewer!)

'Why did you stay?' was the first good track of the day, showcasing the call and response interaction between the girls. They also got the crowd involved as the finger wagging dance to 'Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me' proved, it wasn't a dance move to exert yourself with but it was fun.

With the songs in the style of the great 1950s and 60s girlgroups, the length of song was short so there was a lot of material on show, with some new tracks appearing. The first one was evidently slower than most tracks and possibly indicates a wider scope of songs for the new album. There is a cheeky and playful side to the songs, most notable in the one-two of 'One Night Stand' and 'Dirty Mind' Double-entendres and hidden meanings have always been a cornerstone of classic pop and The Pipettes are rammed full of it.

With 'Pull Shapes' being a major highlight, The Pipettes are a great festival act to see for some mindless carefree fun. A person who doesn't have a bit of love for The Pipettes isn't worth knowing.