Dance dance dance.

Its certainly a case of better late than never for The Go! Team as sound problems delayed the bands arrival. Its perhaps ironic that the opening track is 'The Power Is On' but any problems immediately melted away as the energetic set exploded to life. When a band jumps around a stage, its near impossible for a crowd to resist and soon the tent is a sweaty, pogoing mess.

Ninja remains an excellent front gal for the band and her constant interaction with the crowd is a key component of the success of the live show. The band made it clear they would be dropping new songs into the mix all set and the first one was brilliant. Sounding like a cross between 1970s soul and a kids TV show of the same era, the crowd may not have been able to sing along but they could certainly clap and dance.

Having see the tent had its dancing shoes on, Ninja wasted no time in teaching a dance routine for 'Huddle Formation' which had a simplicity matched by its infectiousness but it was fun! And if you like fun, you'll love the use of melodica on the track, one of the greatest, and under-used, instruments of all-time.

More new songs were flying in all the time, 'Grip Like A Vice' was good, not as immediate as the first new track but with an instrumental section which had people going crazy. The energetic nature of the show plus the delay in the bands arrival may have had an impact on some people as a few very tired looking people left the tent.

Those who hung around saw even more new tracks, the pick of which was 'Doing It Right.' If you liked the singles off the bands first album, you'll love this song and the chorus of "Do It, Do It, Alright" will be repeated over and over for a long time to come.

The new songs were all well received but 'Bottle Rocket' was the last hurrah for a set that sparkled throughout. "2,4,6,8,10" hollered Ninja but we'll go one better and give them 11 out of 13.