About 3 Boys

The build up to the Zico Chain's album release continues at pace with a rotating headline tour alongside Ghost of a Thousand and Flood of Red. The rotation policy finds them as the first band on tonight but there's already a decent crowd in Satan's Hollow although the circular stage means that they are spread out somewhat.

The stage might be unusual but it does give them slightly more room than most of the smaller venues they are accustomed to playing in Manchester and they use it to full effect. Guitarist Paul in particular barely stands still and makes sure every inch is covered. Vocalist/bassist Chris isn't far behind him, leaning out over the barrier to encourage the crowd at every opportunity and it all makes for yet another entertaining show from the band, something that we've come to expect over the last year or so.

The set list is beginning to sound familiar with 'Rohypnol', 'Where Would you Rather Be' and 'About a Boy' all impressing and getting a fair few in the crowd singing along. The material from the forthcoming album sounds full on and with the amount of work they're putting in promoting it; it will be little surprise if it proves to be the major breakthrough they'd hope for. They finish the set with 'Rollover' and 'The Lonely Ones' and get a great reaction proving once again that they are up there as a contender for band of the year.