AC/DC Tribute

You would think that opening the entire Bloodstock Open Air was a daunting task that's destined to fail, how can you kick off three days of music featuring some of the biggest names in metal? Well actually you're kind of onto a winner. Rather than coming on stage to a crowd of twenty people at four in the afternoon who stand there looking bored with their arms folded, you come on to a couple of hundred metal heads that are up for some music, they want you to be good, they want to support you and have a good time. That's why they're there.

So we have Chris Slade, ex drummer with AC/DC 'treating' us to some AC/DC tracks accompanied by 'Exploder' who are to open the second day. They start with 'Highway to hell' and it's after the first two minutes I know we are in trouble. I've never really classed Bon Scott or Brian Johnson as the best of singers but Expoders singer 'Dirty Von Donovan' made them look like musical genius', he just couldn't handle the songs at all, coming across like he had one note and he was struggling with that.

Chris Slade himself can't really shine as AC/DC aren't exactly known for their intricate drum lines so the whole thing came across like a tribute band down the Dog and Duck. We were also subjected to 'You shook me all night long' and 'Whole lotta rosie' each slightly more painful than the last. Chris also got the chance to show he can play more than AC/DC with a drum solo which, while competent enough didn't set the stage on fire and I actually felt a bit relieved when they went off. He was meant to be playing Bloodstock with his own band but due to an injury they couldn't make it; I wish they'd managed it as this replacement was woeful.