Get your hammers out

Ok, I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for any form of British metal and to hear that Head On hailed from Reading I was looking forward to their short show, even though I knew absolutely nothing about the band prior to the event. I was immediately sceptical when beefcake vocalist Mark Logan walked on stage carrying a huge hammer over his shoulder. By the look of the band I thought we were going to be in for 30 minutes of shouting and hardcore brutality. What the good crowd received was a lesson in big riffs, simple but effective song-writing and groove metal.

Head-On hit home like a British Pantera whose shoes have been polished by Black Label Society. Although it's great to see bands with 6 or more members incorporating accordions, bagpipes and violins, you can't beat four guys with fucking huge guitar riffs grinding out a collection of quality tunes. Because of this they created the first mosh pit of the day, albeit a small and short one. It was still only 7:30pm but with such awesome tracks as 'Sunrise' and 'Stomp' you just couldn't help but move, grove and bob.

The mosh pit created its first bloodied face of the festival but the guy kept jumping back in for more and who could blame him? Guitarist Oz played a solo on Logan's shoulders ala Dave Murray and demonstrated his understated skill with the instrument. Logan then broke out his huge hammer once more and repeatedly bashed the stage with the huge tool during the closing 'Here Comes the Hammer'. The band exited with a rapturous reaction and I had a beaming smile on my face. Head-On fucking ruled and were one of the best bands of the 3 day festival, check them out as soon as you can. http://www.myspace.com/headon