Not a great name is it?

I wasn't looking forward to this, I'd seen most of exploder the day before and they utterly killed AC/DC aided and abetted by Chris Slade. My colleague from r13 was laughing when he realised I had to review them today as well. Oh well I was up and had dragged my body to front of stage by eleven in the morning so I might as well get it over with.

Opening a festival day once is bad enough but exploder had managed to get themselves into that position twice in two days, quite a crowd had turned out to see them and they gave it their all. Singer 'Dirty Von Donovan' worked hard and surprised me with a competent voice that had lost its one note quality from the day before. They played good old fashioned metal which is just the thing at that time of day; folk don't want tricky complicated stuff before lunch.

Exploder had rather good sound for an opening band and they made the most of it, much more comfortable with their own material they had a chance to show what they could do and it was entertaining enough for the crowd to get behind them after a few songs had passed. They'd brought some support with them but I could see they had more to them than I had first surmised and I enjoyed a good thirty minutes of metal to wake me up. Well played guys.