Hoodoo more like

Voodoo Six weren't meant to be here today; Chris Slades band 'Damage Control' had to pull out at the last minute due to an injury in the ranks and Voodoo Six stepped in to fill the void as it were. It's only mid day and they're second on, I had absolutely no idea what to expect from them so was quite interested to hear a new band, new to me anyway.

Voodoo play rock/metal, they are ever so slightly 'Black Crowes' and they played with conviction, Henry Rundell the singer has a great mellow voice though he looked a bit underwhelmed at the beginning though he perked up a bit as he got up to speed. They have somehow cloned Zakk Wylde to play guitar for them and he played rather well indeed, ok his name is Richie Faulkner but you'd easily mistake him for zakk too.

They gave a solid performance and threw t-shirts into the crowd, always a winner that, but in the end I lost interest, I started the set sat on the grass, I got up to have a better look and hooked into it for a bit, then sat down again, I ended up writing in my notepad about something else and my r13 buddy wandered off to the toilet. It's not that they were bad it's just that they didn't hold your interest for their full half hour which at the end of the day isn't a very long time is it?