Beer! Beer! Beer! Beer!

Do you like drinking? Korpiklaani do. They like it so much they write songs about it, then they dance about and sing them to you. After a very short time you too will like songs about drinking and even though you're standing in a field at 4:30 in the afternoon you will dance like a man or woman possessed. You have no choice.

With an accordion player and a man on several things like bagpipes and violin coupled with guitars and metal drumming Korpiklaani sound like the love child of death metal and Finnish folk music. The singer has reindeer horns on his microphone stand for god's sake which he uses to lean on and pick out sections of the audience.

The crowd has completely come alive, there was a buzz of excitement in the air before they even came on and once they arrived on stage and started to play everyone including me started to dance, I'd never heard a Korpiklaani track in my life and I found myself dancing along within seconds such is the power of folk metal.

The crowd loved it, they were waving swords and axes (pretend ones) clapping and dancing and generally having a good time, by the end of it there were smiling faces everywhere, mine included and forty minutes had passed like ten. Afterwards people were just walking around doing little jigs and shouting 'Beer, Beer!' The score above is just for how much fun and entertainment they were, I can't remember if they were actually any good technically I was too busy having a good time so I guess it doesn't really matter.