Let me just get this out of the way right at the beginning, can Leigh Oates, singer with RTA please get himself a bigger jacket or at least stop messing about with the one he's got, it is really distracting when every time he moves it rides up and he has to keep pulling it down again, the fact that I even noticed it must mean he did it a lot so chuck it away and get a bigger one.

Anyway, moving on, it's 12 noon and RTA are second on the bill, they are following some very young guys that played metal for youngsters (Beyond all reason), RTA thank god have a lot more balls in the metal department which seems to have attracted a much bigger crowd and they are doing their best to wake up Bloodstock.

The music is quite groovy, it's not funky but just the kind that makes you do that slow dipping head nodding that only a good groove can, Leigh built up a good rapport with the crowd and they had them on board by the half way point. They have some good songs too with 'Low' being a bit of highlight for me, you can hear it on their myspace page but be aware that they usually play a bit more up tempo than this.

All in all a good performance, one which set the crowd up for the rest of the day. Leigh Just needs to stop playing with that jacket.